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That House In Milford

Daily Blabber

Daily Blabber

The Show Must Go On!

Posted on 6 November, 2012 at 0:15

I first want to wish everyone well after such a devastating storm that hit our area.  I do hope everyone is safe and sound and wish you all the best in the coming days and months.

We normally have more of the display done but with Sandy coming in, I decided not to start the display until late.  Also, this year, I decided not to put up all the lights on the roof but to put up snowflakes.  Unfortunately I mis-calculated and didn't have enough.  Therefore, only the garage roof will have snowflakes.  We're also waiting to get a new window installed so I can't put the lights on the siding.  It's been one obstacle after another.  With the obstacles I had almost decided to cancel the lighting but to be honest with you, many people could probably use a little holiday cheer, even if the house isn't as bright as past years.  So, with the help from my beautiful wife, we got the snowflakes on the roof and the 3 mega trees in the front yard.  A little over 10,000 lights so far.  We will have the arches up this weekend and then everything else in the front yard after that.

Of course we will be raising money for the Connecticut Food Bank and they could definitely use the money or food.  Their shelves are bare after Sandy.

Also, Santa Energy has also promised to match the donations again this year!  Thank you Santa!

So, we will be up and running hopefully right after Thanksgiving.

Keep checking back!

Merry Christmas!

Chris and Ann

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