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That House In Milford

Photo Gallery

2010 Photos 2010 Photos Toy Soldier I built this 10 foot tall toy soldier out of a 55 gallon drum. 107179220 Candy Cane Walkway Arches 107179221 Candy Cane Walkway with Soldier 107179305 Candy Cane Driveway Arches 107179408 Mega Tree with Santa 107179427 Front of House 107179474 Front of House 107179480 House Lit Up 107817937 Lights are On! 107817938 Look at that roof! 107817939 Planes are landing in my backyard 107817940 House 107817941 Side view 107817942 Side view 107817943 Enjoy! 107817944 Snow Flash Had the flash on and it captured the snowflakes. Blizzard Adrianne of 2010 111624049 Snow Shot Blizzard 111624050 Front of house during blizzard 111624051 Side view during blizzard 111624052