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That House In Milford

Photo Gallery

Photos 2013 Photos 2013 Unpainted Sled Built this over the summer! 185916656 9 Foot Reindeer Yes, it is 9 feet tall. 185916755 Santa, Slieigh and Reindeer Built this over the summer and Ann painted Santa. At the tallest, the reindeer is 9 feet. The sleigh is 8 feet long! 186823729 2014 House 187196376 House 187196377 That House in Milford 187196378 All lit up at dusk 187196379 Close Up 187196380 Santa and Reindeer Built this over the summer. 187196381 Snowflakes on the Roof 187196382 Santa and Reindeer Ann painted Santa and did an awesome job! 187196383 187196384 Nothing says Christmas like a fire breathing sea monster! 187196385