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That House In Milford

Photo Gallery

photos2006 photos2006 My Electrician Ray He didn't like the way I butchered the first hole in the house. Ray installed 80 more amps (4 dedicated circuits) that day for me. Thanks for all your help Ray! Couldn't have done it without you. 15195263 Arches in the Making Here are my arches that I am currently making to span my 26 foot driveway. Thanks to Dan and Cindy for the great idea from 15195264 The Reason for the Season Here is the new addition to the decoration...Nativity scene by Empire 15195252 Working on the Roof Here I am just about 3/4ths of the way through the roof. Almost done. 3,500 lights! 15195265 Taken a Break Just chillin on the roof. Perfect weather for being up there. 15195266 2 foot trees Here are the 2 foot trees I make out of the easel and 300 lights. Pretty cool and inexpensive. Time consuming though! 15195253 Arches in the Making Here are the 40ft of electrical pvc painted and guyed to the house. Next comes the garland and the lights. 15195267 Garland Going Up Here I am stringing up the garland on the arches...very dizzying 15195268 Finished Arch All done...1,035 lights and lots of garland! 15195254 10 Foot Tree See WebPage for directions on how to build. Here is the finished 10 foot tree. 15195269 Finished Tree with Other Additions Here's the tree with the smaller trees and deer around it. 15195255 Arches Here are the arches lit up! 15195270 Big Tree Here' s the 10 foot tree lit up with 2,500 lights 15195256 Carousel My new 8 foot carousel that plays christmas music 15195271 The Griswold Homestead Here it is!!! 18,305 lights 15195272 Griswold Homestead Continued Another shot from across the street 15195273 Animated Soldier My newest addition...may have to go get a couple more....he looks a little lonely by himself. 15195274 My Little Twinkling Trees they added a nice touch this year. 15195275 15195257 15195276