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That House In Milford

Photo Gallery

photos2008 photos2008 A picture of me Here is a caricature of me tangled up in Christmas lights done by an amazing artist at the Big E in West Springfield, Mass., on September 21. 26961847 Roof Lights Vertical Normally I string the lights on each row of shingles. This year I spaced each set a foot apart and strung them over the roof vertically. By the way, there's 7,000 up there. 26961848 Roof Lights 26961833 Handmade Star Made this star out of a set of 50 mini lights and half inch plywood spray painted gold. Going to use it as the topper to my mega tree. 26961849 New subpanel, contacter, and timer Ray, my friend from McGuire Electric, came over and installed a timer, a 120-amp contacter, and a 100-amp subpanel. Now all the lights will go on at the same time and I won't have to flip the breakers separately. 26961850 The display is almost done! 26961834 Keep Christ in Christmas Sign Here's the newest addition to the display. Each letter was individually cut out of 1/2" plywood and 100 lights were inserted into each letter for a grand total of 2,200 lights. 26961851 Santa in his workshop Making toys for all the good girls and boys! 26961835 40,000 lights 26961852 Arch Stars These stars twinkle and hang from the peaks of the arches over the driveway 26961836 Full Shot of House 26961837 Griswold Homestead 26961838 Keep Christ in Christmas This is my handmade sign with 2,200 lights 26961841 Angle View of House 26961853 Santa Visited 26961854 1 of 3 mega trees 26961844