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That House In Milford

Photo Gallery

photos2007 photos2007 Happy Halloween! What's Santa doing with my wife? This is my wife and I at a Halloween party. 35674244 Arches More than tripled the lights on the arches this year! 35674245 Arches2 And, we added the big stars plus lights on the trees next to the arches. 35674246 Siding Added lights on the siding in place of the curtain lights. 35674247 Mega Trees Added an additional mega tree this year (each has 2,500 lights) 35674248 Front Yard It's only half the display, but I got at least a couple more days work to go. 35674249 Front Window Added wreaths and my shutter wrap this year. 35674250 JOY Sign I made this sign from a pattern from The Winfield Collection. Really fun project. 35674251 Merry Christmas! 35674252 Front Yard Here's the front yard finished. Wait until it's lit! 35674253 Griswold Homestead 35674254 Griswold Homestead 35674255 Griswold Homestead 35674256 Griswold Homestead 35674257 Griswold Homestead 35674258 Griswold Homestead 35674259 Griswold Homestead 35674260 Santa made an appearance! Santa gave out candy canes to children who stopped by to see the lights. 35674261 Arches all lit up 35674262 An Office Cubicle Among the many things I've decorated, I've also wrapped an associate's cubicle up like a present to get him in the holiday spirit. 35674263