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That House In Milford

Photo Gallery

photos2009 photos2009 A picture of my wife Here is a caricature of Ann, Santa's little helper, done by Ben Schell at the Big E in West Springfield, MA, on September 20. This is the same artist who did Christopher's caricature last year. 52834558 48 Candy Canes These are 48 candy canes I made over the summer with 5 foot 1/2 inch pvc and red electrical tape. We're going to have a candy cane fence around the house this year. 55715941 Gingerbread People This gingerbread cutout stands about 5 feet tall. I got the pattern from the Winfield Collection. Turn out pretty good. Thanks to Ann for helping me paint it! 56170940 Roof Light Installation Here I am only took 6 hours! 56725045 Gingerbread Man I wanted to have some gingerbread men in the display this year. I decided to make them by hand. Each one is 2 feet tall made out of left over 3/4 and 1/2 inch plywood from Home Depot. (each one only cost about 50 cents to make). 55716691 Roof Light Installation Garage 6 hours to complete. My legs were aching for days! 56725046 Mega LED Tree This is the mega tree that I build each year. We have 3 of them and each one takes 2 cases (48 strings) of lights. Takes about an hour per tree to put up. 58461692 Candy Cane Arches Keeping in the theme of a candy cane/gingerbread theme, I've repainted the arches (they used to be green) in the summer and candy striped them using red electrical tape. The arches are wrapped with red/clear lights (36 strings to be exact). 58461693 All Lit Up - #1 Here's a view from the Sycamore side. 60728853 All Lit Up - #2 Here's a view from Meadows End. 60728854 All Lit Up - #3 Here's a view from Pumpkin Delight. 60728855 The Arches Although the intention was to make them red and white candy striped, the white lights look a little yellow against the white LED lights of the garage! 60728852 Arches Over the Walkway I made those out of PVC pipe and attached red and white rope lighting. 60728867 Merry Christmas! Enough said. 60728857 Close-Up of the House - #1 The candy canes on the shutters were a new addition this year. 60728858 Close-Up of the House - #2 Here's a better view of the candy canes on the shutters. 60728860 Keep Christ in Christmas Just keeping the message alive. 60728859 Oh, Holy Night If you look closely, baby Jesus isn't in the manger because he hasn't been born yet. He'll be there on the 25th. 60728862 Candies in the Tree My wife helped me out by painting these when the timeline got short. They look good enough to eat! 60728863 Multicolored LED Christmas Tree This was one of three and they all turned out great! 60728864 The Deer Among the Trees Here's a small vignette. 60728856 The Bubble Light Works! And it looks great! 60728861 Me Next to the Bubble Light It's taller than I am! 60728866 Happy When the Lights Worked I was so happy (and a little under the weather) when all was said and done! i understand how Santa feels because I too was wiped out after a year of planning. By the way, Santa wasn't feeling too well and had to cancel on us, but he sent his apologies to all the little boys and girls who stopped by to see him. 60728865 Gingerbread Boy and Girl Here's a new animated one. The gingerbread boy and girl are tossing a peppermint 60900940