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Let There Be Lights! A Beginner's Guide to Outdoor Christmas Decorating


Have you ever wondered how some people build magnificent Christmas displays with thousands of lights? Have you ever wanted to build your own display but thought it was too confusing and difficult to build? This book will take you through the very basics of Christmas decorating where you will learn:
  • How to save money on Christmas lights as well as the various types of lights available
  • Techniques and tools that will make putting your lights up easier than you thought
  • How to fix your Christmas lights instead of replacing them year after year
  • How to save hundreds of dollars over store bought decorations by making your own
  • How to use your Christmas display to benefit your favorite charity
  • Tips on storing your decorations as well as protecting yourself against vandals
Make this the year that your home shines brighter than the North Star, and puts a smile on the face of every child who admires a true Christmas display!
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