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That House In Milford

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Christmas Links

LightKeeper Pro: If you don't have one pick one up today. The LightKeeper Pro is the one tool you need to fix all your lighting problems. Bad fuses, bad lights, half of the string lit and can't find the problem? The LightKeeper Pro will fix those pesty problems. Take it from me...I use it to fix over 40,000 lights per year. It's my best friend. Find it here at:

PlanetChristmas: Good Christmas Displays and Ideas for novice to professional decorators:

Our new book, Let There Be Lights! A Beginner's Guide to Outdoor Christmas Decorating, is featured in Christmas Magazine! Click here:

The Lagerstrom's Christmas Site (my inspiration):

The Meaning of Christmas:

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!:

Christmas gifs, midi files, backgrounds etc...